Avery Hart for NJ State Assembly
District 26

Water is wealth

Unlike my opponent, I am deeply committed to keeping the Highlands Law strong.  Allowing new construction on our ancient watershed lands is clearly short sighted and unwise. 

  The NJ Highlands produce clean drinking water for many millions of Jersey residents, and also Budweiser beer drinkers!

Fair compensation can and should be made to the (relatively few) property owners who may no longer able to build large projects as they had hoped.  

Our Seniors deserve to have quality home care services which can be improved through better home health care worker training and compensation.
Innovative Property Tax Reform means taking a fresh look at the way we pay for schools and other services. Our schools are currently funded by towns, and since NJ has so many towns, that results in about 600 school superintendents and supervisory staffs for only 2,500 schools.Let'sd get the school system off the homeowner's back!  
 If we organized our school systems by county, we would need just 21 school supervisory staffs, freeing hundreds of millions of dollars for property tax relief.
Protecting the Environment  encompasses protecting air, water  and land. If we are to have a livable, environmentally clean state, these MUST be protected. Watersheds are the land that produce water to fill underground aquifers. My opponent has voted to allow new building on these sensitive watershed lands. He also wants to subvert the Highlands clean water law in order to use open space funds to buy artificial turf! Unlike him, I will be a vote and advocate for what remains of New Jersey natural lands.
Quality Education  mandates that schools  positively engage student minds, bodies and emotions. I support quality education, including pre-K in New Jersey.. Given all the research about brain development, I have come to believe that pre-K is the best way to improve learning potential and outcomes.
Thriving Small Businesses  are the incubators of prosperity. But unfortunately, some NJ laws and regulations inhibit the development of small businesses. One example that has came to my attention on the Board of Nursing is an . outmoded law that requires any nurse who enters into business with a physician tno more than 49% of that o own , the physician must own at least  business. This restriction has nothing to do with health - but it does inhibit Advance Practice Nurses from starting up a small businesses.  Another example is taxing home improvements at the time they are made. This impedes homeowners from making improvements and reduces the customer base for people in the home improvement field.  There are other examples as well.  .
Quality Health Care includes ease of access, affordability, and qualified personnel who provide care for both physical and emotional problems. My goal is for New Jersey to have a good supply of well-trained doctors, nurses, therapists, and home health aides. If elected, I would advocate for women's health initiatives, increased training for home health care workers who serve the elderly and disabled, and continuation of  the State's programs which help seniors pay for their medications.
Creating  jobs in NJ  It's sad to see empty buildings in our district where businesses used to be.  And yet a short visit to Brooklyn, NJ proves that the situation can be improved through the use of business incubators, a concept that has a proven track record in other states.  Business incubators are private businesses that grow enterprise...write to me for more information about them.