Avery Hart for NJ Assembly, District 26

Our Seniors deserve to have quality home care services which can be improved through better home health care worker training and compensation.
Reforming NJ Property Taxes should be JOB #1 for every NJ representative.  That means taking a fresh look at the way we fund NJ schools.   Currently, our schools are funded by local towns.  However, this is a problem, since NJ has 655 towns (California has 303).   NJ has over 600 School Superintendents for just 2,500 schools!  No wonder we have the highest property taxes in the US!   If we organized our school system by county, taxpayers would need to pay 21 school superintendents. Redundant school administrators could be gradually phased out through attrition and/or reassigned to where they are truly needed.  Each NJ school would still have a principal, each town, a Board of Education - and the state would gain about $100 million tax dollars by this single change.  Our current assembly members have taken no action to reform property taxes.
Protecting the natural environment in NJ is essential for our quality of life and prosperity.  The proposed Pilgrim Oil Pipeline will not bring NJ anything but potential oil spills. But my opponents abstained when they had a chance to vote against potential disaster.  They have also voted to weaken the Highlands clean water protection law by allowing more development on sensitive watershed lands.  (Watersheds are areas that produce water in underground aquifers.) I will be a reliable vote and advocate for what remains of New Jersey natural lands.
Quality Education means schools that engage, challenge, and stimulate student minds, bodies and emotions in order to bring out the full potential of the coming generation. I support quality education, including pre-K in New Jersey. Given current research about brain development, pre-K is one of the best ways to improve educational outcomes. I  also support the re-emergence of phonics and civics as important subjects in our schools.  Phonics improve reading ability, and civics education is vitally necessary for our democracy to flourish.  Currently, few NJ school children enjoy going to school, and this too has got to change.  Saving money by cutting music and arts is short-sighted.  NJ schools may be superior to those of other states, but there is plenty of room for improvement in NJ.
Health Care includes ease of access, affordability, and a sufficient number of qualified personnel who provide care for both physical and emotional problems. My goal is for New Jersey to have a good supply of well-trained doctors, nurses, therapists, and home health aides.  To start, the state needs to STOP RAIDING FUNDS from the Nursing Board and other health boards in order to plug holes in the state budget. Those raided dollars are needed to improve health delivery to residents, not to make the Governor look good.  As a Public Advocate on the NJ Board of Nursing, I promise that this is an area in need of improvement.
Creating  NJ jobs    Gov. Christie promised, but did not deliver  on NJ job creation.   It's sad to see empty buildings in our district where businesses used to be. Where are NJ's active economic development teams?  Missing in action.  Why doesn't our state offer effective programs, like business incubators to spur job growth?   Business incubators - small private businesses that grow enterprise through cross fertilization - have a proven track record in other states. Our current 26th district reps have taken little action in the area of job creation, and what is more important than full employment for our state?