Avery Hart for NJ Assembly, District 26


While I am not a professional politician, I am fully capable of serving in the NJ Assembly, and I have something in common with every category above. I value my intellectual independence, and consider myself to be a thoughtful, fair-minded, and strong person who seeks common ground with others.  

What drives me is a vision of New Jersey as a refreshed, renewed Garden State, where people live together in basic harmony and prosperity, freely pursuing their happiness under laws that are sensible and fair.  

I'm a life long dedicated Democrat but I also agree with some key values of conservatism, such as the importance of work and personal responsibility, and the need for limited, efficient government. Living in Morris County, I count many Republicans as friends whose opinions I value.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm an independent thinker, who takes each situation for what it is and needs. My goal is to bring fresh energy to every situation I face, to be a problem solver, and do what I can to make life healthier, happier, safer and freer wherever I am. 

And wherever I am usually means being in my home state of New Jersey.

My life of hard work and good fortune have gained me sufficient resources that I am not looking for money from others.   Ex. As a member of the Board of Nursing, I am eligible for a state pension, but I am not taking it since I do not need  it.

I care very deeply about our state, its people, and environment.  I am an independent thinker with talent and ability to share, and am beholden to no one. 

For all these reasons I believe I would be a far better NJ Assembly representative that either Betty DeCroce or Jay Webber.   

Running with 
Wayne Marek
to replace incumbents
Jay Webber
Betty DeCroce

Previous ENDORSEMENTS (2013)





League of Conservation Voters

  • Public Advocate: NJBON (Bd. of Nursing as Irene Mantell)